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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Rabid Dog Days of Summer

It feels like the inside of a pizza oven here. The days are mercilessly scorching and the nights are still hot to the point of being uncomfy. Alas, gone for me are the days of enjoying a soft summer breeze or a sweet and balmy summer evening. I now live in a land where each and every one of us is afflicted with what the locals not-so-affectionately call "Swamp Ass" during the summer. That's right, nothing quite like a steamy seat to make you long for some coastal summertime fun! "Summer" here starts in May and doesn't quit til October. Patience, my dears, is truly a virtue in this climate!

It does make me appreciate the other parts of the country (and world, for that matter) where people are having picnics and outings during the summer, happy carefree BBQ's and cool lakeside gatherings.

One day, I'd like to move to the country, where we could have some room to breathe, some crisp nights in the Fall (my favorite season, by the way) and where I can once again look forward to and enjoy the summer. For now, I'm most appreciate of air conditioning!

If anyone happens to read this, I'd love to hear about the weather in your neck of the woods. If it's lovely there, I can live vicariously through you... If it's just as bad there as it is here, well then, let's make something up, shall we?

I think my next post will be about Fantasy Weather scenarios to help chill my chi :o)


someGirl said...

Oh Poor Bea!! I live in a beautiful CA coastal town...Foggy mornings, barely warm afternoons (take-a-nap-in-the-warm-sunshine warm), followed by a cool breeze in the evening, maybe some more fog. You always need a sweater here, even in the summer. We saw the fireworks over the Monterey pier yesterday, lots of blankets and hot coco....On another note my parents live near Palm Springs. 100+ before 10 am. Hang in there...PS do you need visuals?! I can link you to some nice coastal scenery!

Ingrid said...

Where do you live, Bea? Your weather sounds very similar to where I live (Texas), except that the last few days it has been raining and raining and raining.

bea n. random said...

Hey there somegirl and Ingrid - Happy Friday to you!

I'm currently sweating it out in AZ...but I'm originally a Cali girl. So, for the rest of the day, I shall be daydreaming about somegirl's coastal town with the foggy morning's and the cool breeze in the evening. If I stand near the a/c vent, it will help with the effect.
Ingrid - please join me in the mental escape! I've seen on the news about all your rain though (we desperately need it here!). I hope you and your loved ones aren't in danger of flooding!

Thanks to you both for stopping by and brightening my day with more than just the sunshine beating down outside :o)

SusieQ said...

Hi Bea
Sounds horribly hot! I always thought it would be nice to live in a hotter climate. Usually in the middle of winter when I was frozen to the bone shoveling snow off the sidewalks! Well I thought that until we visited Texas and experienced the hot temps and humidity down there. I think I'd melt if I lived there! Never been to CA or Arizona. Alberta is pretty mild compared to the weather you all get down there.

- Spaceman Spiff - said...

Believe it or not, the weather wher i am is rainy, and then unbearably hot/muggy. Then it downpours again and is umbelievably muggy. Summer rains suck. I can't wait. Next week, we are supposed to get temps in the mid 90s with perfect sunshine. You know, one of those days without a cloud in the sky.

bea n. random said...

ahh if only summers were like they are in Calvin & Hobbes books, eh Spaceman Spiff? Then life would surely be idyllic!

That gives me an idea for a blog - thanks SS!


Amrita said...

I live in North India and our summers are something else. We 've had a high of 110 degress. Its rained a bit , but still very hot and humid.Sweating is only activity one can indulge in at times.