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Friday, July 20, 2007

My Happy Place

You know how, when some people are freaking out, someone tells them to "Calm down, close your eyes and go to your Happy Place"? Well, this is that place for me. A place where I can lift my spirits by trying to jot down things that make me feel good.

When I stop to think about things I'm thankful for or simple things that make me smile, one thing usually leads to another and I can live in the moment of how wonderful Life is. There are so many things that are good about Life but that often get overlooked by the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. It's nice to have a place where I can put aside the stress of work and worldly demands and just happily reflect on the things that I cherish the most. In the "real world" I'm not always as happy and upbeat as I'd like to be. This blog is my way of trying to bring myself back around.

Welcome to my Happy Place. Everyone is invited to stay and visit as often as they wish.

*Underwear is optional ;-)


Ingrid said...

That's good, bea. I love the freedom that blogging brings us. Some people use their blogs as the repository of all that makes them sad, so once they divest themselves of it, they can be happier or more functional. Others, like you, use the blog as a tool to find, celebrate and channel the good and positive into their lives. Both approachs are great, in my opinion.

someGirl said...

I'm a dweller, I admit it. I have to work real hard to snap myself out of it and find the bright side...having said that, I enjoy it even more when I do get there.

get zapped said...

Such an uplifting post! I am grateful for this, it's such a good reminder, to embrace all the simple things in life to be happy for. Thank you!