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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No News!

Hello All - nothing particular comes to mind tonight but yet I feel compelled to write something. I haven't posted since Thursday! You would think I've been in suspended animation since then with nothing to write about.
I guess, in a lot of cases, that "No News is Good News". So, I have No News to report - but yet, Life is Still Good. (and that is so very true!) It's a great thing, to be alive, and to be able to appreciate that very fact. Good days don't always have "good" things cropping up, but sometimes all it takes to constitute a good day is a day where nothing "bad" is obvious. (this is, of course, excluding news broadcasts which can totally ruin a good "No News" type of day!)
My wish for everyone is an upcoming "No News" day of your own!

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