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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tra La La La Laaa

You don't have to be great, you don't need to sing on key - just sing. Sing in the shower, sing in the car, sing at your desk at work (but keep it low or others may not appreciate it - purely jealous of your free spirit, I'm sure). Heck, even a peppy hum will make you feel better sometimes.
Sing to your pets - THEY will appreciate it! This may not apply to least, if mine is any indication of the general cat response then they won't share your enthusiasm. Then again, my cat is somewhat neurotic. (wow, that last line was quite the redundant statement, wasn't it?)


Ingrid said...

Hi. Nice blog. I found it because I saw a comment you made on the blog Post Imperfect (for jobation). I thought that was a pretty funny definition.

As for singing to cats, mine look at me like I am some kind of annoying child when I sing aloud.

Word Imp said...

Hi there
Just wanted to visit and say thanks for being a new regular visitor to my Word Imperfect blog. We've got lots in common, including loving the movie 50 First Dates. Good luck with your blog. Laughter is a great medicine.

bea n. random said...

Thank you, Ingrid and Word Imp, for the kind words and support. Both of your blogs are wonderful! I've only been doing this for a very short time but am really liking it so far.