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Sunday, June 17, 2007


So last night's dream was another strange one. I dreamt that my husband was visiting the chiropractor and had a fish in his right hand. He said the chiropractor would use that as part of the treatment. I was shocked because the fish was alive and my husband said that it was okay, because it's tail only flailed around a bit. Weird.
So then the scene changed and I was running towards a boarding school that was surrounded by a river of sorts. I hurled myself across the river and landed on the riverbank where the school was. I then used a butter knife to hoist myself up the steep embankment to keep from falling down into the river. Then I was off and running across the rough terrain full of trees and bushes, avoiding what appeared to be holes in the ground - large holes, at that. But the really strange part was that I could see sunlight coming up through the holes in the ground. Very strange indeed. Obviously, I wasn't really on solid ground, as I thought. Hmm, Heaven, perhaps? If so, I better be sure to always have a butter knife close at hand...

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